Head of the Department
Zbigniew Kolendo, M.A.
Contact:  tel. 58 722 08 65

The Department of Foreign Languages


Ateneum - Department of foreign Languages

This Department provides for obligatory foreign-language learning both  in the stationary and non-stationary Bachelor’s cycle as well as for optional classes available to anybody studying here, whatever his or her speciality is.

The foreign-language range is a result of the obvious adoption to present-day necessities, whereby English has become the most important language. The different students’ interests are also taken into consideration. As to the optional classes, these should contribute to a wider cultural and linguistic communication basis.

No less than the users of our new site, which is equal to an ordered virtual reality, I hope that the site will strengthen this University’s, ties with the real world, there being as crucial for any  communication as is the learning of foreign languages. Now the entire information on obligatory and optional classes, including the names of the teachers and their consultation time, can be found in a good order at one place.

I would like to draw your attention, in my own name and in that of my colleagues, to this department’s virtual corner. Our invitation is combined with an encouragement to participate in the classes, which do meet your expectations and interests.



Zbigniew Kolendo, M. A.

Head of the Department

of Foreign Languages