Student’s Parliament

Ateneum has a Student’s Parliament , which is the decision-making organ of the self-government and includes the following committees:

‒      For social aid issues;

‒      For handicapped people’s issues;

‒      For inter-university contacts;

‒      For culture and entertainment;

‒      For fund raising;

‒      For media issues.

The Parliament’s board is the executive organ of the self-government.

A lower and a higher students’ courts are the judicial organs.

The Students’ Parliament has a separate room in the third floor of the new building at 25A, 3 Maja Street, with a computer, printer and telephone.

The main intention of the Parliament is to meet students’ expectations. For two years has it been, along with similar organs of other universities/colleges in the Tricity, involved in preparations for the so-called Vampiriad, or Blood Donation Day. The excellent venture has already resulted in a much larger (and still growing ) number of donors. Another merit of the Students’ Parliament is its support of Sport’s, orphanage with money collected among our students. The Parliament’s co-operation with the Interdepartmental Scientific Circle “Pro voce animalium” is also worth mentioning. In a co-operation in which one more scientific circle, namely the “System Infobroker”, was involved as the Parliament’s partner , a trip to Warsaw was organized. The students had an opportunity to visit Poland’s Diet and to take part in the Schuman Parade. A different involvement of the Parliament was that in the organization of the so-called Extreme Day, or Neptunalia. Throughout each academic year, Ateneum students become this University’s representatives at conferences which take place elsewhere in Poland.