Academic Sports Association

The Ateneum Club of AZS (Academic Sports Association) was established as a students’ venture in October 2004. The club’s aims are to integrate the university’s community, initiate sports events, and enable both the staff and the students to become involved in sports and physical activity. At the best time of its existence, the club had 250 members approximately. Our students and employees have represented the University at the central level (in Poland’s Championships for Higher Education Institutions and Poland’s Academic Championships) as well as at the regional level (in inter-league competitions, Pomeranian Academic Championships, First-Year Games or friendly tournaments). Members of our club have been active in athletics,  swimming, table-tennis, court-tennis, triathlon, football / hall football, volleyball, basketball, cross-countries, badminton, and beach volleyball. The club’s greatest success is it 18th position in a general classification of Poland’s Championships for Higher Education Institutions (i. e. the one related to 200 clubs approximately, representing non-public universities or colleges) and its 1st position in a similar classification for Pomerania, which covered the academic year 2006/2007.

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