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Oligophrenics - Education of the Mentally Handicapped

Its purpose is to impart the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate and efficient revalidation and psychological correction intended for intellectually handicapped learners. The specialization entitles to become involved in the teaching and therapy of children with psychomotoric development dysfunctions.

It is intended for teachers having a preparation based on pedagogy but no qualification to work with intellectually handicapped children or adolescents.

The course takes 2 semesters. The classes are held on weekends as well as on days agreed upon with the students (this applies primarily to practical classes).

-        It teaches how to carry out an individualized and multifarious educational diagnosis.

-        It provides for competences necessary to plan didactic, rearing, correcting, and compensating activities
         adequate to the learners’ needs.

-        It provides for competences necessary to diagnose the development deficits and special needs of the
         handicapped learners.

-        It prepares for employment in special schools and other training or supervision institutions. 

Each graduate is entitled to become a teacher and therapist of children with psychomotoric development dysfunction.

The graduates are prepared for employment by:

-        special schools (for intellectually handicapped children);

-        integrating schools;

-        diagnostic centres;

-        special education and rearing centres.