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Occupational Counselling

Its purpose is to prepare occupational counsellors for public administration organs, schools, and NGOs. Another option is economic performance within employment agencies.

The course takes 3 semesters. The classes are held on weekends as well as on days agreed upon with the students (this applies primarily to practical classes).

A part of the classes (20 per cent approximately) is optional, i.e. adopted to current or future employment (e.g. counselling for adolescents, women, those aged over 35 years, the unemployed, the handicapped). These post-graduate studies qualify to use the title of “occupational cousellor”.

-        It provides for competences necessary to interpret the relations of individuals or groups.

-        It provides for skills necessary to carry out efficient counselling.

-        It provides for a knowledge necessary to analyse the job market mechanisms.

-        It is a good preparation for employment as an occupational counsellor.

Each graduate has an interdisciplinary knowledge, which is necessary in this profession and is given individual instruction with regard the requirements of a particular environment where counseling work of this kind is needed.

The graduation is a basis for employment in:

-        labour offices;

-        occupational counselling agencies;

-        educational institutions;

-        career bureaus;

-        employment agencies;

-        NGOs.