Post-Graduate Studies

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Judicial and Non-Judicial Mediation

Its purpose is to prepare for employment as a judicial or non-judicial mediator in penal and civil litigations, and for an involvement in the promotion of mediation as a civil society option. The theoretical knowledge of psychology and law is to be reinforced by practical training, workshops, and a guiding introduction to the mediator profession and proceeding mode.

The course takes 2 semesters. The classes are held on weekends as well as on days agreed upon with the students (this applies primarily to practical classes).

The course is intended for those graduates of higher education institutions who would like to follow a new profession as a mediator or acquire an additional qualification to eliminate conflicts and be able to negotiate in the current workplace.

-        It teaches how to independently acquire knowledge and how to add to the occupational skills already possessed.

-        It makes competent to act in an autonomous manner in order to further develop one’s abilities and in be in charge
         of one’s professional career.

-        It teaches how to apply the rules and regulations related to mediating involvement.

-        It teaches how to apply such rules and regulations whenever specific problems have to be solved.

-        It is a good preparation or the profession of a judicial and aim-judicial mediator.

Participation in mediation training entitles to certificates of the Polish Mediation Centre (in accordance with a decree
of the Minister of Justice). These certificates confirm the participation and entitle to be included in District Court Mediator lists.

The graduates have a good preparation for this profession of a judicial and non-judicial mediator.

The knowledge acquired is also a basis for the promotion of mediation as a civil society option.