Post-Graduate Studies

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Educational Studies

Its purpose is to impart a basic knowledge within psychology, pedagogy, didactics, and methodology. This, together with the necessary skills, should prove useful in the subject-teaching process.

The specialization is intended to help those who are not yet qualified to become teachers of the subjects they have been made acquainted with.

The course takes 3 semesters. The classes are held on weekends as well as on days agreed upon with the students (this applies primarily to practical classes).

The graduate is entitled to become employed by different training and supervision institutions or by education offices.

-        It teaches how to analyse and interpret the rearing, didactics or social problems, basing on the knowledge acquired
         (within psychology, pedagogy, and didactics).

-        It provides for skills necessary to plan educational process in accordance with the learners’ developmental potential,
         whereby activating methods should be applied.

-        It teaches how to analyse the social phenomena observed in school classroom, peer groups, or other environments.

-        It qualifies to become employed by different educational institutions.

This specialization entitles to teach the subject chosen for the graduate has specialized in.

Each graduate can apply for employment in educational institutions, education supervision, and education management institutions.