Post-Graduate Studies

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Educational Policy and Management

Its purpose is to prepare for manager posts in schools and other educational or caretaking/rearing institutions. Furthermore, an occupational perfection of headmasters, educational supervision employees, and methodological consultants is intended. The course takes 2 semesters. The classes are held on weekends as well as on days agreed upon with the students (this applies primarily to practical classes).

The graduation entitles to become employed by different training and supervision institutions or by education offices.

-        It provides for competences needed to plan the long-term and current development of schools.
         (The long-term planning is equal to strategy.)

-        It teaches how to implement whatever has been planned, monitor this process, and assess the effects.

-        It teaches how to organize the teaching, rearing, and caretaking processes in schools or other institutions.

-        It teaches how to apply the rules and regulations related to educational processes, labour, administration,
         and copyright, which have to be taken into account in schools or other institutions.

The graduation is equal to having complied with the official requirement formulated by the Ministry of National Education in relation to the managing staff of different educational institutions (Law Register No. 14, February 23, 1999). The knowledge and skills acquired can be referred to diagnosis of present-day educational problems; supervision tasks; educational law; management of educational institutions; economic law foundations; economic conditions of school functioning, including elementary marketing; and to basics of social communication (these including the art of negotiating).