Post-Graduate Studies

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Culture and Media Studies

Its purpose is to provide for an extended knowledge of culture, and to improve and update the qualifications of those who are,
or want to become, employed by offices, institutions, and centres of culture.

The course takes 3 semesters. The classes are held on weekends as well as on days agreed upon with
the students (this applies primarily to practical classes).

The graduation entitles to become employed by educational institutions, and institutions, and centres of culture.

-        It teaches how to acquire knowledge basing on different sources and scientific approaches to particular
         research problems.

-        It teaches how to assess the different sources and approaches.

-        It provides for skills needed to exert inspiring influence in culture.

-        It teaches how to differentiate the main genres and formats of the media.

-        It teaches how to carry out a critical analysis and interpretation of the main media genres or formats
         taking into consideration cultural and social contexts of media functioning as well as other determinants.

Each graduate can teach the subject called “Cultural information” in secondary schools and be responsible for humanistic
development in primary or junior schools.

The knowledge acquired should cover:

-        communication aspects of cultural cognition and participation;

-        present-day humanistic trends;

-        the evolution of symbolic culture;

-        intercultural dialogue;

-        media applications in educational processes as well as the preparation of children and adolescents for
         a reasonable contact with present-day electronic media.