About Ateneum

Academic research


Financing objects are primarily individual research and development projects as well as related tasks, which result in a higher status of the scientific staff and specialities. At Ateneum, priority projects of individual research are those to be terminated within 1-2 years either as doctoral / doctor habilitatus theses or professors’ books. The priority character is moreover attributed to projects carried out upon agreements with foreign universities / colleges. Furthermore projects contributing to the development of this University’s scientific specialization are priority ventures. Our financing assets can also be used to facilitate the termination of “auteur” projects by individuals / teams. The financing of one only research project yearly is to be applied for by any staff member.

The individual research funds become:

  1. Ordinary grants for projects which can be terminated within 2 years, as a maximum (the ordinary grant sum is announced in the year’s contest rules);
  2. So-called preparation grants, used to apply once in 3 years for an individual grant (either to  the Ministry of science and Higher Education or to EU organs);
  3. Scientific congress participation grants, used to finance such stays abroad (for technical reasons not planned in advance, i. e. at the time of applying for individual research grants).

The application deadlines and the form patterns will be made available during the subsequent contests.